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          My PIC 16F84A projects.
     If you haven't ever done a project like this and your into electronics I would reccomend any of these projects.
  The charter generator is a very good project if your into Ham radio Fast Scan TV.  The PC board is only 2" X 2" . It
 would be good for mobile ATV .

Charter Generator

This project is use to display video ID for Fastscan TV.   It puts out two lines of text one on the top and bottom with
a gray scale in the center of the screen .  The top text I have it fixed with my Ham Call the bottom letter are determinded
by the DPDT center off switch . in the center switch pos. I have it as my town displayed the up pos. is my name and the bottom
pos. has scrolling text that has my name, town and then the 2 Meter operation frequency I'm on.

This is the source listing for the Pic

            Three line Charter Generator  top view                                                    Bottom view

        Charter Generator Circuit

    Charter Gen Video screen
                   Text at top and bottom
                 with gray scale in the middle.

Frequency Counter

   This frequency counter is for 0 to 50 Mhz with a 4 line LCD display It could be use with a 1,2 or 4 line Display.
 I have seen this counter on the Web at many location all of then are changed some what. But still the same
basic counter introduced by MicroPic a long time ago. I did this project because I needed a low frequency
counter to count some Khz freqencies my other counter didn't count the low freqency very good.

  This is the cource code for the Counter
                         top view                                                        Bottom view

            Easy  OSD  On Screen Display of charters
              Pic 16F84A or a 16F88

            This new project takes and overlays the charters onto the video source. You can have fixed text or you can make it scrolling text
          that pauses at different text points (Pause routine) .It allow you to put text on the top middle or bottom of the screen. the scrolling text can
           be 100 charters long.

              ; I made hardware inprovements (added 74hc4051 )
              ; that gave better mixing of the video and Charters.Uses MPLAB IDE
              ; added scroll pause so the scrolling text can pause when in the center of screen.
              ; have add so there is 3 screen posistion ,top middle and bottom for the text
              ; changed the French text in this listing to English.

        This is the cource code for this project for 16F84a
        This is the cource code for this project for 16F88

               OSD circuit

             Do a right on image and save to get full circuit.