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ATCO ATV Net is every Tuesday at 8:00PM EST 147.48 Mhz FM audio

Morning ATV Net on 3.930 Mhz is every morning at 8:00AM EST

Click the CHECK BOXes for Multi BATC Stream videos you wash to view.

Check boxes to show WB8LGA:    W4HTB    AH2AR    KA8MFD    W8PU    WA8RMC    WB8ELK   WR8ATV  
                     G3ZHI   G1LWX  



      These Pictures are of transmit Polar Plots with the > Radio Mobile program by VE2DBE

      Each Plot is set to 15uv receive and the transmit is set to 45 watts of average video.

      The receive antenna heigth is set to 60ft with a gain of 15db.

     The transmit is set to antenna heigth of that station shown but with the 45 watts.

      You can do a mouse right click on the small pictures and "Save Image As" it will save the picture at full size. 


        WB8LGA                               WR8ATV ATCO repeater                  W4HTB                               W8ZCF                               WA8RMC                                                                                                                   


                      W8RVH                               W9ZIH